Conference Program - preliminary version

Common program parts
8 September 2020
  • 8:00 - 9:00 - Registration
  • 9:20 - Opening speeches
  • 10:00 - 10:40 - Plenary session - invited lecture
  • 11:00 - Start Conference sessions
9 September 2020
  • 9:00 - Start Conference sessions
Hints for
preparing presentations
  • Time period for each presentation, including discussion, is 20 minutes – NOT more
  • Recommended form is a PowerPoint presentation
  • A PC and a data projector will be available in each room
  • Speakers can bring their data either on a CD or on a Flash
Schedule changes are possible
Sessions rooms and time - visualisation
8 Sep 2020
Preliminary programme will be presented after submission and reviewing of papers.
9 Sep 2020
Preliminary programme will be presented after submission and reviewing of papers.
Papers in sessions - alphabetical order
Section: Analogue and digital electronic systems (35)
Maljar D., Arbet D., Stopjaková V. 130 nm CMOS Fully Differential SC Filter for Ultra-Low Voltage Sigma-Delta Converter [43]
Jamshidi M., Sobhan Roshani S., Saeed Roshani S., Talla J. A Compact Low-Pass Filter with Simple ‎Structure and Sharp Roll-Off [29]
Yanna V., Bhajana V., Drabek P., Popuri M. A Novel Soft-Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Applications [33]
Jilek J., Stork M. Acquisition of Cuff-Pulse Waveforms for Estimation of Central Blood Pressure and Additional Hemodynamic Variables [10]
Dulik T., Pospisilik M., Oplustil V., Benes P. Aircraft Turboprop Engine Vibration Monitoring Module [36]
Blahnik V., Straka M., Pittermann M. Analysis of Multilevel Electronic Balancer for AC Traction Substation with PS-PWM [45]
Pitterman M., Blahnik V., Straka M. Application of Power Electronic Converter for Actual Topologies AC Traction Substation [50]
Vins M., Sirovy M. Assessing Suitability of Various Battery Technologies for Energy Storages [16]
Petrzela J. Brief Contribution to Geometrical Theory of Zeroes and Poles of Bifractional Filters [39]
Pavlicek V., Fort J., Pitterman M., Skala B. Comparing the Low-Cost Measuring Devices for Standstill Frequency Response (SSFR) Testing for Electric Machines [49]
Barri D., Jakovenko J. Comparison of Measured Data Given by Automatized Measurement Methodology with the Analytical Expression of DLS MOSFET [13]
Blahnik V., Straka M., Pittermann M. Control of Multilevel Converter for AC Traction Substation with Power Symmetrization Unit [21]
Jakubik T. Cortex-M Simulator [3]
Georgiev V., Vavroch O., Zich J., Nozka L. Diagnostic Device for Photomultiplier Tubes at ARP ToF Detector [27]
Friedemann M., Voigt S., Werner M., Hecker R., Mehner J. Drift analysis and stabilization of a Fiber Bragg Grating interrogation device [11]
Cojocaru V., Dehtjars J., Teodorescu H., Rapoport A., Starsaja A. Experimental Setup with Chaotic and Periodic Excitations for Cell Growth Studies [24]
Ravasz R., Kovac M., Stopjakova V. Experimental Verification of a Ultra-Low Voltage Charge Pump [42]
Ondica R., Arbet D., Kovac M., Stopjakova V. Feasibility Study towards Increasing Efficiency of Fully On-Chip DC-DC Boost Converter [37]
Thanmai T., JVR Ravindra J. High Performance, Low Power Architecture of 5-Stage FIR Filter Using Modified Montgomery Multiplier [18]
Silva A., Asanza V., Sanchez N., Arias J. Implementation of Automated System for the Reservoir 66 of the Irrigation System Chambo Guano [15]
Suchy O., Kosan T., Streit L. Implementation of Control Unit for Electric Drive Kart [26]
Hudec A., Nagy L., Kovac M., Kohutka L., Stopjakova V. Maximum Power Point Tracking for Energy Harvester in 130 nm CMOS Technology [41]
Stork M., Novak J. Models for Oxygen Consumption and Cardiac Output as Response to Treadmill Exercise [44]
Asanza Armijos V., Sánchez Chan N., Saquicela R., Macas Lopez L. Monitoring of System Memory Usage Embedded in FPGA [14]
Monea C., Iana G., Ionita S., Oproescu M. Multi-Criteria Decision Algorithm for NQR Signal Detection [5]
Stork M., Houzar J. Non Contact Methods of Heart Rate Variability Measuring and Analysis [46]
Biswal P., Bhajana K., Drabek P. Novel Soft-Switching High Gain Transformerless DC-DC Converters without Auxiliary Switches for Renewable Energy Systems [32]
Oproescu M., Iana G., Bizon N., Monea C., Calinescu V. Optimization of the Multimedia Consumers Operation Time [4]
Matousek D., Brtnik B., Jordan J. Streamlined Fibonacci Charge Pump [8]
Skorepa J., Kovar P., Puricer P. Testing Signal Processing Techniques for Digital VHF/UHF Transceiver in High-Level SDR Programming Environment [19]
Davies A. The V3 Supergun of World War Two [51]
Jamshidi M., Roshani S., Talla J., Roshani S. Using an ANN Approach to Estimating Output Power and PAE of a Modified Class-F Power Amplifier [30]
Ettler T., Novy P. Using Cluster Analysis for Image Processing in High Speed Video Laryngoscopy [17]
Straka M., Blahnik V., Pittermann M. Verification of Control Behaviour of Three-Phase Voltage-Source Active Rectifier with Vector Control [22]
Mihálik M., Hruboš M., Bubeníková E. Wireless Proximity Sensor in LoRaWAN Network [47]